Josh Rosen


Joshua Rosen

Hair Color:

Dark Brown

Eye Color:





Amy Loubalu
Ari (formerly)
Steven (formerly)
Caitlin Raven


Dylan (girlfriend)
Amy (former crush)
Caitlin (crush; on her side)


Main Character

Portrayed by:

Matt Prokop

Joshua "Josh" Rosen is a filmmaker, or Film Geek, attending Woodland Academy. He is also the main character in the film (along with Dylan Schoenfield). While at the mall, he saves Dylan's expensive designer purse from the water fountain.[1] In return for rescuing her bag, Josh convinces Dylan to let him film her for his documentary about high school popularity. He mentions he liked the smart Dylan better. He has a crush on Amy. His father is not with them. Dylan changes his image so he becomes cool. However, Dylan's clique mentions it won't make him cooler. After a fight over the content of the movie, Josh decided to give Dylan the full movie as she only saw the half of it. Dylan implies that she likes Josh in her acceptance speech, causing them to kiss twice. Then, they start a relationship.


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