Dylan Schoenfield


Dylan Schoenfield

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color





Alan Schoenfield (father)
Mrs. Schoenfield (mother; deceased)


Hannah Mornell (best friend; formerly)
Lola Leighton (best friend; formerly)
Amy Loubalu (childhood best friend)


Josh Rosen (boyfriend)
Asher Dumetz (ex-boyfriend)
Michael Rosenberg (crush; mentioned in the book)


Nicole Patterson (rival)
Amy Loubalu (archenemy; possible friend after the movie)

Portrayed by:

Sarah Hyland

Dylan Schoenfield is the main character of the movie. She starts off as a pink princess of the upscale Los Angeles Woodlands Academy who is snooty, wealthy, popular girl at school.

A reformed dork, she now has the coolest boyfriend, the most popular friends, and a brand-new it bag that everyone covets. But when she accidentally tosses her Serge Sanchez bag into a fountain, this princess comes face-to-face with her own personal frog, self-professed film geek, Josh Rosen.

In return for rescuing Dylan's bag, Josh convinces Dylan to let him film her for his documentary on high school popularity. Reluctantly, Dylan lets F-list Josh into her A-list world, and is shocked to realize that sometimes nerds can be pretty cool.

During the film-making, she is pretty rough on him, but soon they become super close. After being dumped by Asher, she starts to like Josh and they kiss and date at Spring Formal.



  • She starts off being a "Diva" like "Sharpay Evans" from the "High School Musical" movies.
  • Dylan's mother passed away when she was younger.
  • She is more popular than Hannah and Lola.
  • She became friends with Amy, the same year her mom died.
  • Dylan wears glasses to see, but she puts on contacts instead. I believe she does this so, the people around her don't think she is a nerd or a geek from the glasses she has on her face.
  • She lied to Asher about not wearing contacts.
  • Her father states that she is a smart girl and it's proven to be true. Because we see that Dylan does studies, does her homework and is a geek like Josh.

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